The Hydraulic Boot Camp

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Basic Hydraulics Training

If you're looking for a one-day basic hydraulics boot camp, an on-site basic hydraulics course taught at your facility, or an online hydraulics class with a live instructor, you may have come to the right place.

There are a lot of options for basic hydraulics training, and we recognize that we can't be all things to all people. We provide 7 hours of training in a classroom setting. Our courses are geared towards keeping your hydraulic equipment running longer between breakdowns, helping you understand how your hydraulic systems work, and reducing the time it takes to troubleshoot and fix hydraulic problems.

Our instructor uses various graphics, animations, and props as he presents the course material, along with individual and group activites that keep class members actively engaged in the course and allow them to use the information as it is presented.

There's an adage that says "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Participants in our one-day course leave with an understanding of how "hydraulics" and hydraulic components work, along with the ability to read and understand hydraulic schematics.

If you're interested in having 7 hours of basic hydraulic training, taught by an experienced and knowledgeable instructor who can answer questions and provides "real life" examples of the class material, then you definitely have come to the right place.

Here's what one mechanic wrote on a course evaluation form: "I don't need to design systems or do a bunch of calculations. I just wanted to know how hydraulics work so I could keep my machines running and troubleshoot problems. The Hydraulic Boot Camp is exactly what I needed."

Fewer Breakdowns + Better Troubleshooting = Downsized Downtime

Animation Demo

The course material is presented in an interesting, easy to understand manner. Most people attending our basic hydraulics courses are not accustomed to spending all day in a class room type setting, so we use individual and small group activities throughout the course to keep everyone engaged and involved with the training.

Here's a short demo showing the type of graphics and animations the instructor uses during the one-day Boot Camp:

We've added a "voice over" to explain the animation here on the web site. During the class, the instructor provides all the information and uses any animations and graphics as a teaching aid.

Who should attend the one-day Hydraulic Boot Camp?

Maintenance personnel, equipment operators, engineers, and supervisors all benefit from attending the Hydraulic Boot Camp.

After attending the Hydraulic Boot Camp, maintenance personnel will understand how to keep your systems operating longer and be able to do a better job of troubleshooting.

Equipment operators will understand how they can help keep hydraulic systems operating, and better understand how to tell when it is time to contact maintenance to correct minor problems before those minor problems turn into major problems and cause a catastrophic failure.

Engineers will gain a non-technical, "real life" understanding of what causes hydraulic failures, and learn some common sense practices that can reduce downtime.

Some of the common-sense steps needed to keep hydraulic systems operating at peak levels and reduce downtime involve changes in equipment and procedures. Supervisors should attend the Hydraulic Boot Camp to see for themselves how relatively minor changes can dramatically reduce hydraulic related downtime.

We know of a hydraulic system that operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 20 years without any hydraulic-related downtime. While we can't guarantee you will get the same results, we can guarantee that everyone attending the Hydraulic Boot Camp will clearly understand how it was done.

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The Hydraulic Boot Camp Qualification Quiz

Still not sure if the Hydraulic Boot Camp is for you? Here's a six question quiz to help you decide.

On this quiz, the only question you really need to get right is number 6.

1) What is the #1 cause of hydraulic component failure?

2) Identify the nine components shown in this circuit and describe the function of each one:

3) With the maximum system pressure set at 1,000 psi and a gauge reading of 700 PSI, the cylinder in this circuit extends in 4 seconds. If you increase the maximum system pressure setting to 1,400 psi, how long will it take for the cylinder to extend?

4) If the system shown above is overheating, what is the most likely cause and how do you fix it?

5) The manufacturer of your hydraulic pump wants your fluid filtered to 10 micron. Whichof these are bigger then 10 micron?

     A grain of salt.
     The diameter of human hair.
     Something so small that you can just barely see it.
     A white blood cell.
     A red blood cell.

6) Can your maintenance personnel and machine operators correctly answer question one through five?

If you can not answer "yes" to question number 6, the Hydraulic Boot Camp is for you and your personnel.

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      Basic hydraulic training for industrial hydraulics      

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Fewer Breakdowns + Better Troubleshooting = Downsized Downtime

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